“What would I want/need if I were the user? I ask myself this question everyday. Compassionate & holistic design is the key. I believe the emotions I help create generate better user experience and longer retention rate, more referrals, and stronger profit. I want to make people feel good while using products.

I’m a consumer advocate/UX design engineer/Service Designer/creative risk-taker with a background in Product Design, Architecture, and Graphic Design.

Designing experiences to connect people in meaningful ways excites me. I love to ask questions and I believe in “designing for the few is designing for the many”.

Creating experience, to me, is about bridging the gap between humans and physical/digital artifacts by communicating information, engaging attention, and facilitating action.

In my spare time I like to immerse myself in sketching, 3D visualization, AR/VR, watching food shows, and hiking.


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